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Does money buy happiness -

Does money buy happiness?

Does money buy happiness? It has a different answer based on different situations. Learn about the studies that tried to answer this question. Read more »
10 Best Healthy Goals -

10 Best Healthy Goals that Does Not Involve Weight Loss

People set up goals, particularly when a new year starts or a sentinel event occurs in their lives. Setting up a goal is essential to achieving and maintaining their health and well-being.... Read more »
7 Reasons Why Meditation Should be part of everyone's life -

7 Reasons Why Meditation Should Be Part Of Everyone’s Life

People often feel that meditation is a way to spirituality, and it is part of specific religions. But, it is an essential tool that can benefit everyone. The daily practice of meditation... Read more »
A Simple Way to Meditate -

A Simple Way to Meditate – Even Childrens Can Do It and Reap Benefits

In today's world with a lot of distractions, we are unable to focus and get our job done. Meditation practice helps one to focus. This simple way to meditate helps all -... Read more »
How to relax your mind and stop worrying -

How to relax your mind and stop worrying?

Have you ever encountered a friend or family member who tells you to relax your mind and stop worrying? Don’t you just love that? Telling someone to relax or stop worrying is... Read more »
10 ways to deal with stress

10 Practical Ways To Deal With Stress

Stress- free lifestyle could very well do wonders in eliminating depression. Here are some practical ways to deal with stress Read more »
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Top Ten Reasons to follow the LAW of GRATITUDE

An attitude of gratitude brings you peace and overflows to those around you. Gratitude is a natural high. When you live in tandem with your spirit, appreciating all of life and what you... Read more »